Dignity, Spirituality and Health Definitions of Treatment Services - Drunk driving is a serious offense and the  consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol  are become quite severe. According to the state in which the  offense is committed, DUI/DWI offenders can get off with just a  warning, may lose their driver’s license, or might even serve time  in prison. - In the United  States, politicians  debated for decades   on  how to best provide a  nationwide health  insurance program for  its elderly citizens.  Though discussion  began as early as 1912  and the first health  insurance bill was  introduced to congress in  1935, it wasn’t until 1965  that President Lyndon B.  Johnson signed a bill to   establish what we  now know as Medicare. - Securing private health insurance can be  confusing, especially if you’re not covered by your employer or if the employer offers a number of options from which to choose.  Determining which plans are best for you and/or your family. - Substance abuse treatment is  often individualized to each patient, but there are a  few steps that each patient needs to take to become  drug free. The first of these steps in recognizing the  problem. Denial used to be mistakenly believed to be  part of the drug addiction symptoms, but recent  research is showing it is not. People trying to help a  person accept that they have a substance abuse  problem need to show empathy, and respect. - Substance abuse is  seen by most physicians and mental health  professionals as a long-term illness and so many  substance abuse treatment services are designed to try  and find the best way to help someone cope. The  people that are considered to have substance use  disorder are those who can not stop and whose use is  compulsive. A person’s genetics, mental health, and  stress levels all have a role in determining if a person  has substance use disorder. Substance abuse actually  changes the brain, and these changes remain in effect  for a long time. Contact us          In the meantime you can reach us at (718) 257-3195 and by fax at  (718) 257-5560.        We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address:                  hr@canarsieaware.org                                                     WebMaster Domingolopez@canarsieaware.org                                                                 Copyright 2013 CanarsieAware - The term Medicaid  often evokes stares of  bewilderment from many and is easily confused with other  medical assistance services  with similar names. Simply  put, Medicaid is a program  that pays for medical  assistance for certain  individuals and families with low incomes and resources.